Summer Essentials Bundle

$54.60 $84


  • The foldable, lightweight & stylish design allows you to use this FoldBottle as your ultimate companion: whether you are going to school or work, going for a run, or hitting the gym! All without having to make room for it in your backpack.
  • With  FoldBottle you don't need to worry about staying hydrated all day long or even forgetting your vitamins or medicines as it has dedicated storage to help you on the go. 
  • FoldBottle is safe to be used by you & your children as it is made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone which is non-toxic & BPA-free.
  • FoldBottle also comes in very refreshing colors for you to choose from!


  • The perfect travel, sports, and beach towel! FoldTowel is made of super-soft, absorbent, and quick dry material, making it very convenient and easy to reuse in a short period of time.
  • With FoldTowel you don't even need to worry about over packing, as it’s very easy to hang on a backpack!
  • FoldTowel’s 100% natural plant dye (no chemical dyes) makes it safer for pregnant women and babies too!
  • FoldTowel also comes in very refreshing colors for you to choose from!


  • FoldPillow is small in size and big on comfort! This inflatable pillow is very easy to carry and will take up no space in your backpack.
  • With  FoldPillow, you will get a guaranteed great night’s sleep wherever you are! It is carefully designed to be used for camping, traveling, backpacking, and tanning. It helps even out your sleeping surface so you feel comfortable lying down anywhere.
  • FoldPillow’s ergonomic design is what makes it so convenient, lightweight, and compact!
  • FoldPillow also comes in very refreshing colors for you to choose from!

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